My Background

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I became a massage therapist during my education at Johnson State College. I was turned onto the world of massage therapy  and its associated benefits while perusing my Wellness and Alternative Medicine degree.  I feel as though massage therapy has the healing potential to ease the restless mind, body and spirit.

In the Spring of 2013, I  graduated with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Wellness and Alternative Medicine along side with my Massage Certification from Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center.  My focus areas are in  Perinatal massages and Deep Tissue massage however I am trained in Swedish, Sports Massage and  Myofascial release.  I have received my certification in Prenatal/Postnatal Massage from the Institute of Somatic Therapy and concurrently am finishing my certification in Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teaching through Prenatal Methods.


My Approach

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I aspire to provide the highest quality care that nurture the physical, emotional and spiritual health. I hold a certificate specializing in prenatal and postnatal massages and I also have been trained in pre/postnatal yoga.