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Massage Treatments

When our muscles become stressed the muscle fibers become tight and restrict vital nutrients and oxygen from circulating properly through our muscles, leading to inflammation. The inflammation is a fluid pocket within our muscles known as lactic acid, or commonly referred to as ‘Knots’.  By applying pressure to specific trigger points on the muscle it will release the tight muscle fibers alleviating muscular tension.


Integrating massage into your lifestyle may hold many benefits contributing to your health such as reduced chronic pain, improve sleep, helps boost the immune system, digestion relief and boosts daily energy. As your massage therapist we will work together and create an individual wellness plan for you.

Back Massage

Custom Massage

Custom massages are created for each person's unique and individual needs by blending various massage techniques. These techniques may include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic and Trigger Point Therapy.


Is holistic wellness treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and wellbeing. Aromatic essential oils can medicinally improve the body and mind.



Is an ancient form of alternative medicine that places special cups on the skin to create suction.  The suction from the cups decompresses muscles and connective tissue, this promotes blood flow to the specific area and increases circulation.

Hot Stone

Enhance your custom massage by adding Hot Stones. Hot stones are made of basalt, a form of volcanic rock that retains heat perfect for relaxation and pain relief. 

Stone Treatment
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