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Pre/Postnatal Services

Prenatal Massage

 Massage is a wonderful way for your body to adjust to the natural changes of pregnancy. 

 Using a specifically designed table the expecting mother can lay comfortably face down during their massage treatment. 

 Regular treatments can have lasting benefits, studies have proven that prenatal massages can reduce anxiety and stress, reduce edema, improve circulation, reduce muscular and joint pain and improve sleep pattern.

 I believe that taking care of yourself is taking care of  your family and the little one you will be bringing into this world.

Pregnant Woman in Nature
Hand Massage

Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage is proven to promote a faster recovery time after birth by helping relieve overworked muscles.  This is also a great time to receive treatment because your body has a high level of pregnancy hormones called relaxin which can make muscular and structural changes at this time.

Prenatal Yoga

Encouraging light stretching, mental centering and focused breathing, prenatal yoga is a wonderful addition to your prenatal wellness routine.  Prenatal yoga, much like other types of childbirth preparation classes, has many benefits for the mother and babe.  Recent studies prove that prenatal can help improve sleep, reduce anxiety and stress, increase strength and flexibility and reduce muscular pain.

In my studio I will provide a one-on-one yoga session that customizes your yoga session for unique individual needs. 

Seated Side Bend
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